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Webspace gone

Journal Entry: Thu May 28, 2009, 3:24 PM

Oh, joy!
Oh, glorious day!

After years of free hosting my former university apparently cleaned the servers and in doing so took down the Citizen Anti website. Until I get new, free webspace one day that doesn't force you to clutter your site with advertisements and pop-ups (I know, I'm asking for way too much) there won't be a new site.

Since I saw this day coming quite some time ago, I uploaded all comics here. So, for now, this is the new, official home of Citizen Anti. Browsing here should actually be more pleasant than at the sucky old site. I'll just link to the galleries containing each chapter:

And yes, one day I'll finish this..

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Here are the credits for the introduction chapter of Citizen Anti. Please keep in mind that this is really old work when commenting on quality.

• Haven - gm_contruct by Garry (
• All other maps are custom content created for Citizen Anti (beyond, subsektor4)

• Titlefont - Abbadon (
• Comic Font (P. 1) - Spectre Verde by Nate Piekos (
• Effects (P. 8) - Badaboom by Nate Piekos (
• Effects (P. 17) – Feedback by Nate Piekos (
• Effects (P. 17) – Astonished (
• Alphafont (P. 14) - Roswell Wreckage by Nate Piekos (

• Alpha Guard - Combine Soldiers modified by Call:1800-MESSIAH
Here are the credits for chapter I, "Somewhere Far Beyond" of Citizen Anti.
Everything not mentioned here (or mentioned, but without author) was either made by me or comes with the game Half-Life 2 and its extensions. I do not claim to be without error regarding the credits, but I try to make sure I mention everything. If something is obviously missing, feel free to yell at me.

• Haven - gm_contruct by Garry (
• All other maps are custom content created for Citizen Anti (Alpha_beyond, Alpha_beyond_night, Alpha_councilbuilding, Alpha_longfall)

• Titlefont - Abbadon (
• Comic Font - Spectre Verde by Nate Piekos (
• Alphafont - Roswell Wreckage by Nate Piekos (
• Effects (P. 6) - Badaboom by Nate Piekos (
• Effects (P. 13) – Astonished (
• Effects (P. 17) – Feedback by Nate Piekos (
• RPM Skulls (P. 18) - Zombified

• Alpha Guard

• Wall Painting (P. 11) - Original picture by Brom (
• Wall Paintings (P. 12) - Original pictures by Brom (
• Wall Painting (P. 12) - Picture of Neo (

• Kite Shield (P. 11) - Model by Elod (Found on the Garry’s Mod Forums)
I suppose I should clear up a few things about Citizen Anti before I post more of it. Originally I didn't intend to post it on DA at all, but after seeing all the things that pop up here on a daily basis, I figured I could post this "comic" as well. The following explanation is for people who have no clue about Half-Life, Garry's Mod and video game comics.

So, what is it?
I call it a comic because thats what we call it over at the G-Mod forums, but technically you could call it a photo story because no actual is involved. Everything starts with the game Half-Life 2, which most people have probably heard of. Like any game it has levels (I'll call them maps from now on) and models for creatures and NPCs. Maps and models use textures like and 3D model. Due to HL2's incredible tool set everything can be edited or new things can be created from scratch; maps, models and textures.
In comes Garry's Mod (, a sandbox modification for HL2 which allows users to place and pose (including face and finger posing) models from the game and take screenshots of them. You can do many much more interesing things with G-Mod besides posing, but those aren't relevant for the comic.

What do I do?
No, I do not make all my models and textures from scratch. What I do is make all my maps from scratch, which provide the backgrounds and settings and believe me this takes incredible amounts of time. I also create some textures for models and maps where I want to set the comic more clearly apart from the original game.
When everything is done, I load up G-Mod, start my map, pose the models, their body, face and (sometimes) fingers and finally take a screenshot. I repeat this processs way too many times till I have all my shots and then start up Photoshop to edit my shots into the layout and add effects and speech bubbles.
Depending on the amount of images and necessary editing a single page takes 2-6 hours, including posing, screenshots and editing. Creating maps and textures takes a lot more time.

So, there you have it. I hope this helps clear up confusion about the actual amount of work I do for this "comic".